Professional oven cleaners

Many of us hate cleaning that oven! Toxic cleaning agents from the shops, not physically able, (we are suppose to be living longer), caked on carbon or fats that are really difficult to remove. Or even because life is too short to be cleaning an oven!

Well thankfully, we can provide you with a vetted oven cleaning company in your area. That is ready to give your oven that deep clean it deserves.

There are no charges for providing you with one of our vetted companies.


Carpet & upholstery cleaners

Carpets and upholstery can soon become a playground for germs and bacteria, especially with kids and pets. Not only that but in time your expensive investments can start to develop discolouration, look tired and undesirable. are able to provide you with a vetted carpet and upholstery cleaning company in your area.

There are no extra charges for using this website.


Domestic house cleaners

Household cleaning.. Some enjoy it, some loathe it, some are not physically capable, but most just do it because they have too or only when they really need too!

Pretty basic tasks but that can take a couple of hours a week depending on the size of your house (and i hate to say it.. how long it has been left). can provide you with a checked and vetted cleaning agency in your location. And there are no extra charges!


We do not charge for providing you with a vetted company, neither do the cleaning companies themselves. carry out checks to ensure all our applicants are who they say they are. But most importantly before we include them onto our network, they must provide us with the following documents.

DBS certificate (copy)

Liability/employers insurance (copy)

Driving licence or Passport (copy)

Proof they trade under the business name stated

We also check references and online reviews.

We also have the ability to suspend members in the unlikely event we receive sufficient complaints.